A really excellent experience. Marina was always so easy to work with, very polite and courteous, very professional, knowledgeable and understanding. I am happy with all aspects.”  Elena G., Mountain View, CA

“I recommend Marina Vinsky to all my clients for any and all estate planning needs! She is sharp, extremely knowledgeable and most importantly compassionate. It is crucial in my business to be able to refer my clients to someone I trust wholeheartedly and that I know will take extremely good care of them. I never have a second thought when I refer Marina Vinsky.”  Melissa Haugh, Realtor, San Jose, CA

“Marina was extremely helpful and knowledgeable during the probate process for a family member’s estate. She had a checklist of the process that was to be forthcoming and also provided complete directions of what was needed from me and the entire family. Marina was always in communication during the process and always detailed the in court meetings right after they happened. As anyone can appreciate, probate is not an easy process and Marina made it happen effortlessly!! I highly endorse her talent, skill set and make it happen attitude.” Stu V. 

 “Marina is a highly competent and compassionate attorney. She does her work quickly and efficiently. Her charges are reasonable and she is available for consultation. Her written work is handled efficiently and is always on time. When it is in the clients best interest she refers them to specialists who will provide exactly what they need. She checks back in with the client to make sure they have received what is promised and if they have any further questions. What more could any one ask for in an attorney?” Frederic L., Palo Alto

“Marina Vinsky helped me create a trust to protect myself and my children. I had no idea where to start or what to do. She explained the process and executed my trust. It could not have gone any smoother. Marina is an all around joy to work with. Thank you!” Cara L., Santa Clara

“Marina has a knack for making legal matters clear and simple. She explained my options, told me how we could alter the legal documents to get exactly the result I wanted, and then wrote the custom documents. The entire process was fast, easy to understand, and simple. I had no idea dealing with legal stuff could be this easy!”  Joy, Albany, CA

“When dealing with issues of death and estate planning whether the first time or as a result of divorce, these tasks are not in themselves fun. Marina is personable, meticulous and kind, treating you as a fellow human, not processing you through impersonally as some professionals are apt to do.  It rapidly became enjoyable to prepare for and do the work with her to finish the task.” Celeste, San Jose, CA

Marina, helped me thru a difficult time after my mother passed away with the probate process. After I met her for the first time I knew that she was personable, knowlegeable, trustworthy and reliable after a friend recommended me to her.” Armenia, San Jose, CA